Church 101 

New Membership Track

This is Church 101 that has been designed for those that are interested in becoming a member of the SDC family. The class is about an 1 1/2 and is broken down into four parts. 

Part 1-Introduction 

In this section you will learn the central theme of the church toward all members and the vision statement of SDC. This section covers what being a follower of Christ is all about. We use an analogy of a baseball diamond to show the progress that every believer should make from a new convert to a fully developed minister of the gospel. You will also learn how we operate as a church in our weekend services, and how we as members work together to make our church better. 

Part 2-Our beliefs 

in this section you will learn what SDC believes. We lay out four essential beliefs for you and share with you how those beliefs shape everything that we do here at SDC. We talk about essential and non-essential beliefs. There are things that we can disagree on but there are other things that we cannot. By the end of this you will have a basic understanding of where we stand. We go deeper into the beliefs of SDC in Essentials 201.

Part 3-Our Structure 

You will learn the structure of our leadership and government here at SDC. We believe that it is important for every member to understand not only what we believe but also how we function as a church. We will go over the leadership structure of the church, our denominational leadership, and also how we deal with money here at the church.

Part 4-Our Hope for you

You will learn the what it is that we hope for you as a members of SDC. We will talk about the difference in a member and an attender and why membership is important. We go over the SDC membership covenant and how that pertains to you as a new members. 

Below you will find a link to the video, a link to download the PDF New Members booklet (which has a New Members Application in the back), and a link to fill out a digital New Members application. 

    Church 101 Video (Click Pic below)



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