Sunday Morning Series

Esther: Beauty, Wisdom, Guts

Through the story of Esther we learn how to gain the favor of God and how to be used by God to fulfill His purpose for our life.

  • Preparing to meet the King View

    Pastor Jay Rhodes - January 08, 2023

    In this message Pastor Jay show the preparation that Esther has to go through in order to meet the king. How for one year she bathed in myrh and perfume just to meet the king. Pastor Jay shows how that our worship is the sweet aroma that we bring to God, our king. 
  • From a Slave to a Queen View

    Pastor Jay Rhodes - January 01, 2023

    In this message Pastor Jay share how that Esther a person no one consider to be anything, was chosen by God to deliever His people. No matter who you are or where you come from God has the ability to bring your into a place of influence. You will learn that influence come with purpose and without purpose we can never enter into the favor of God.