Pastor Jay & Lynn 

Lead Pastors

 Pastor Jay has served as the lead pastor of the SDC since 2004, and before  
 that served 12 years as the Lead Pastor of the WoodlandDrive Church of God I
 in Phenix City, AL. Pastor Jay has a passion for preaching the gospels and
 helping people
 to grow in their faith. God uses Pastor Jay in many different  
 areas of Spiritual gifts, which helps the church to move forward. Pastor Jay
 holds a bachelor degree in Theology from Lee University as well as a Master in
 Theology and a Masters in Organizational Leadership from the Pentecostal
 Theological Seminary. 

 Pastor Lynn is an ordained minister in the Church of God and has been the
 main speaker of conferences, revivals, and special meetings all over the south.
 When she is not preaching she leads a Ladies Class every Wednesday night
 and is one of the main members of the SDC Worship Team. She is an anointed
 singer, musicians and she has just completed her first book. Pastor Lynn has a
 degree in Counseling from Lee University and is currently working on her
 Masters in Counseling which will allow her to be a Licensed Counselor. 

 Pastor Jay and Lynn have three children which all work in the church along  
 with their spouses. They also have seven grandchildren. 

 Favorite Team
: Roll Tide Roll 

 Favorite Hobby: Pastor Jay, Woodworking & Reading, Pastor Lynn, sewing or  
 being creative