Pastor Aron & Leah Benson

Associate Pastor/Student Pastor 

 Pastor Aron is a full-time member of the SDC staff
 and works in many areas of the church but is
 mainly focused on the Student ministry here at the
 church. Pastor Aron has been with SDC since 2017
 and was the Student Pastor of Crumbley Chapel
 prior to joining the SDC team. Pastor Aron is an
 anointed preaching and believes that it is vital to
 share the Word of God with the next generation
 and prepare them for all that life will bring. Though
 the youth do have times of fun, Pastor Aron
 believes that Wednesday night should be a night of  
 worship. Pastor Aron is currently working on his
 degree in Theology from Lee University. Pastor  
 Aron also leads the Monday Night Prayer Group and
 is gifted in prayer and knowledge that comes from
 the Holy Spirit. 
Leah works in both in the SDC Students and in the Factory Kids church. 

 Pastor Aron and Leah have two children, a girl, and
 a boy. 

Favorite Team: Alabama Football
Hobbies: Golf