Chay Rhodes
     Worship Pastor 

 Chay is a gifted musician and singer but more importantly, he has the  
 heart of a worshipper. Chay has been a part of the Worship Team for
 several years serving as a drummer, guitarist, and soloist. He is the
 lead Worship Leader working close with the Ministry of Music to create
 an atmosphere of praise every Sunday where the Holy Spirit can move.  
 Chay also serves in the Youth Department and lead Youth Worship,
 trains youth musicians, and preaches. 

 Jericha is active in the church as well. She leads a young mothers bible
 study every Tuesday night. This group is one that is growing stronger
 as young ladies come together to discuss issue that they are facing and
 learning how to grow closer to God together. She also works in the
 youth department and volunteers for nursery. Together this couple is doing a wonderful job here at SDC and we are so excited to have them. 

Favorite Sports Team:
Alabama Crimson Tide 

Favorite Hobby: Playing Music