• New Fall Life Groups

    August 01, 2020
    Starting in August there will be new Life Groups happening here at SDC. You can sign up for the groups at the Next Step area.
  • We are Back!

    May 26, 2020
      The church is open again and here are somethings we are doing to keep you    
       and your family safe.  

         1. We are having two Morning Worship services so that we can make sure  
             we can keep Social Distance.
         2. We will have no kids ministry for a few weeks. The 10:45 service has a  
             part in it for the kids.  
         3. We have hand washing stations throughout the church, and we open all
             doors for you so you do not have to touch anything. 
         4. Lastly, We sanitize everything after every service to make sure that
             there is nothing left. 

     Our top priority is to make sure you feel the Spirit of God and then we want
     to make sure you are safe.